The next year in 1950, the following year, a Palestinian assassin shot the King Abdullah I during a visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. HOKA332 ECONOMIC History of MODERN and Contemporary Korea Comprehensive study of the economic structure of Korea and its evolution since 1876. The assassin was enraged by Abdullah’s land-grab in that portion of the Palestinian West Bank. HOKA333 IDEOLOGICAL the history of Korean Confucianism and BUDDHISM An in-depth study of the philosophical facets of the Korean ancient Confucianism along with Buddhism to better understand what is the foundation of Korean traditional religion. A brief period of time spent by Abdullah’s son who was mentally unstable, Talal and is followed by accession of Abdullah’s grandson, aged 18, as king in the year 1953. Historical background of the Korean status System A comprehensive examination of the development process of Korean status system, its structure and development. The new King, Hussein, embarked on an "experiment in liberalism" with a constitution that allowed freedom of expression, press as well as assembly.

Korean status systemas well as its organization, and its distinction within Korean the traditional Korean society. In the month of May, 1967, Jordan concluded a bilateral defense agreement with Egypt. HOKA335 THE HISTORY OF KOREAN’S POLIT SYSTEM A comprehensive examination of the evolution of the systems essay of political power in Korean conventional society which includes changes to modern political systems. The following month, Israel obliterated the Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, and Jordanian militaries during the Six-Day War, and took the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan. HOKA336 TREND in FOREIGN History of KOREAN Historical Research into patterns in Korean foreign history, which includes those from the USA, Japan, and Europe in particular, with a focus on the relationship between and international studies.

A second, bigger flood of Palestinian refugees came into Jordan. Trends in the North Korean region HISTORIOGRAPHY OF KOREAN HISTORY Examens of the features and challenges associated with developments that have been observed in North Korean studies of Korean History after 1945. In the midst, Palestinian militants ( fedayeen ) began to cause trouble for their home country as well as hijacking three international flights, forcing them to fly into Jordan. Study of the North Korean region in HOKA338 Historical Study of the history, economy, and cultural aspects that has shaped North Korea since its formation after the declaration of independence from Korea in 1945 and during its involvement in the Korean War. As of the month September, 1970 The Jordanian forces launched an assault on the fedayeen. HOKA351 INTRODUCTION ARCHAEOLOGY The characteristics, research methods and current trends in research in archaeology. Syrian tanks attacked northern Jordan to assist the militants.

It is an additional discipline that historians need to research the prehistoric period. In July of 1971 Jordanians defeated the fedayeen and Syrians. The HOKA352 Introduction to ARCHIVAL Studies Understanding the different sources of archives and records and approving the use of academics and the conservation of the archives. Jordanians took on those Syrians and fedayeen and drove them across the border. Historical Studies of Korean Women Investigating the changing of women’s status and roles in Korean history and returning the appropriate role on the map of Korean the history of Korea as an matter worthy of historical recognition. A mere two years later Jordan posted an army division into Syria to aid in fighting the Israeli counteroffensive of the Yom Kippur War (Ramadan War) of 1973.

The HOKA355 Introduction to Museum Studies The study of the mission and the administration of museums and the academic connections between the museums as well as Korean study of history. Jordan itself wasn’t a target in this conflict. Hoka356 REGIONAL HISTORIZATION OF KOREA The scope of Korean history by examining the origins and concepts of regional regions that are located in Korea and their connection to central authorities. It was in 1988 that Jordan has officially renounced its claims to the West Bank, and also stated its support for Palestinians as they participated in the First Intifada against Israel. Hoka358 THE HISTORY OF KOREAN LIFE conditions A comprehensive study of living conditions, such as housing, food, and clothing in the traditional Korean society to gain a better understanding of the everyday lives of the people of the past. In the First Gulf War (1990 – 1991), Jordan supported Saddam Hussein in the First Gulf War, which led to an end to relations between the United States and Jordan.

HOKA359 KOREA History and Media This lecture covers a variety of media applications methods that are an field of Korean historical research. The US cut off aid to Jordan which caused economic turmoil. Hoka431 The History of Korean Societal MOVEMENTS Analysis of the evolving process and the characteristics of Korea’s contemporary social movements that result from the modernization of the society, which includes the labor and peasant movements as well as socialism. To regain international favor in 1994, Jordan concluded a peace accord with Israel that ended almost 50 years of war declared.

HOKA432 MODERN KOREAN INTERNET HISTORY A study of the structures, traits and ramifications in Korean modern philosophy, such as Silhak, as well as Enlightenment. In 1999 the reigning King Hussein passed away from cancer of the lymphatic system which was followed by his youngest son, who was later crowned the King Abdullah II. HOKA433 THE HISTORY OF KOREAN FOREIGN RELATIONS A comprehensive examination of Korea’s relationships in relations with China, Manchuria, and Japan since the beginning of Korean history up to the mid 19th century.

Under King Abdullah, Jordan has followed the policy of not entangling itself with its unstable neighbors, and has faced another influx of refugees.